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Terms & Conditions


This agreement (hereinafter the“Agreement”) sets out the terms and conditions applicable to the sale of services or/and products from the platform Mentor Motivations (hereinafter the “Web site”). The company 10604313 Canada Inc (hereinafter “Mentor Motivations”) reserves the right to modify the hereby terms and conditions. Any amendment to the hereby terms and conditions will take effect thirty (30) days after the date of the modification of the Agreement.

The terms (you) and (yours) are associated with the person who is purchasing Services from the Web site. Mentor Motivations provides an online platform for customers (hereinafter the “Client” or the “Clients”) to facilitate events at any scale of the organization process through a compilation of Services (hereinafter the “Service”) offered by vendors (hereinafter the “Provider” or the “Providers”).

Mentor Motivations does not own or create, sell, resell, offer, provide, manage or control any Services. Suppliers are solely responsible for their Service offers. As soon as Clients book a Service, they enter into a contract directly with the Suppliers, and Mentor Motivations are not a part of this contractual relationship.

By using the hereby Web site for the purchase of Services, the Users, meaning both Clients and Suppliers (hereinafter the “User” or the “Users”), have to accept the hereby terms and conditions and also have to accept to be bound by it. You declare to be of legal age to enter into a binding agreement and to accept to be bound by the hereby Agreement. The hereby Agreement announces important information regarding your rights and obligations and the restrictions and exclusions you might be subject to.  

For more detailed information concerning your rights and obligations, we are suggesting you take note of the laws and regulation applicable to the field/ practice.


By the hereby Agreement, you consent to exchange documents and information with Mentor Motivations by email or the internet. You accept that the hereby Agreement (also with every order confirmation from Mentor Motivations as indicated by article 4) has the same binding effects as a written agreement between you and Mentor Motivations. You also accept that any subsequent agreement, information, notice, and all other communications that we send you electronically satisfy the legal terms of this kind of communication.


The use of the Web site and the activity of Mentor Motivations are regulated by different policies.  This includes the terms of use of the Web site as well as the Privacy Policy «  www.Mentor » (hereafter, the “Other Policies”) You declare to have read and understood the Other Policies and you accept therefore to be bound by the hereby terms and conditions. Notwithstanding the previous dispositions, the hereby Agreement has presence over the terms and conditions in the Other Policies. If the hereby Agreement and the Other Policies are incompatible, the dispositions in the Agreement are binding and have presence over the Other Policies.


The characteristics of the services offered by Mentor Motivations are hereafter. The price of the Services, as well as all other modalities, are also defined in these Terms of Use as well as by the Providers.

The posting of this information on the Web site is authoritative, but Mentor Motivations reserves the right to modify this information at its convenience, in compliance with applicable legal regulations.

Services are only available in the Province of Quebec for now.

The Client may choose between all Suppliers for the Service he wishes to get, according to availability. Each Supplier must then approve the reservation for confirmation.

Mentor Motivations transmits the information of each Client requesting the Services of a Supplier, the latter is free to confirm or not the booking in 48 hours starting from this transmission.

Users have access to the Web site and can create an account for free.

Mentor Motivations charges a service fee to Suppliers for each reservation made by a Client. The service fee will generally amount to 3%. This service fee is calculated based on the booking subtotal and is automatically deducted from the amount paid to the Supplier.

For each reservation confirmed by the Supplier, Mentor Motivations charges a service fee to the Client which will vary between 4 and 10%. Client can view the amount of this service fee on the booking page before sending the booking request.

In case of cancellation of a reservation by the Customer, costs may be due by the Client to the benefit of the Supplier, according to the cancellation terms of the Supplier. In addition, transaction and service fees will be retained by Mentor Motivations in accordance with what is provided on the Web site.

There is no charge for closing the Account, but the amounts due by the User may be charged immediately.

  1. ORDER

The Client is the person who wishes to contact, thanks to the Web site, one or more Providers in order to obtain one or more performances necessary to the organization of any given event.

If a Client is interested in buying a Service, he has to make a reservation online. When reserving, the Client has to pay the amount of the Service and the service fees retained by Mentor Motivations. Once the reservation is made and the verification of the payment is performed by Mentor Motivations, the Supplier has 48h maximum to confirm the booking of the Service.

If the Supplier does not answer within this period of time, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

If the Supplier approves the reservation request, an order confirmation (hereinafter the “Order Confirmation”) will then be sent by e-mail to the Client.

The hereby Order Confirmation presents the Client and the Supplier’s name, the Service(s) to be ordered, the price, the shipping fees, and the taxes (GST/QTS) applicable on the sale. 

Once a booking is confirmed by the Supplier within the proper amount of time, it means that a service contract is formed between the Supplier and the Client.

An Order does not bind Mentor Motivations and is entirely the responsibility of the Supplier.

Following the confirmation of the order, an invoice will be sent to the Client by email or the Client will be able to download it on the Web site.

If an account turns out to be inactive, it will be deactivated and deleted by Mentor Motivations, in accordance with the Terms of Use of the Web site.


Some of the features available on the Website require registration.

If you choose to register or subscribe to such functionality, you agree to provide truthful and up-to-date information about yourself as required by the registration or subscription process and to provide this information. Update promptly if necessary to ensure that it remains accurate and complete.

You acknowledge that you are responsible for

  • maintaining the confidentiality of any passwords you choose or are assigned to you as a result of your registration or subscription;
  •  any activity that takes place under your username or password; and

iii)   exit from your account at the end of each session. In addition, you agree to notify Mentor Motivations of any unauthorized use of your username or password. In the event that you fail to comply with the obligations set out in this article, Mentor Motivations is not responsible for any damages.


When the Provider publishes an offer of Service on the Web site, he has to

  1. Provide complete and accurate information concerning the Service (description, availability period, etc.)
  2. Specify their general sales terms and conditions, the restrictions and the applicable conditions (ie: minimum age, physical abilities, etc.)
  3. Provide other useful information requested by Mentor Motivations
  4. Update the information of the Service offered.
  5. Comply with all legislation applicable to the Service

The Supplier is solely liable for the content of the advertisement published on the Web site and which describes the Service. As a result, the Supplier guarantees the accuracy and veracity of any information contained in the advertisement and undertakes to perform the Service in the manner described on the Web site.

All terms and conditions set forth in the Supplier’s Service offer, mostly those related to cancellation, exchange, or refund, shall not violate this Agreement.

Once the Supplier confirms the booking made by the Client, it means that a legally binding agreement is concluded between the Client and the Provider and that the Supplier is forced to perform the Service in the manner described in the offer on the booking date.

If the Client books a Service for the benefit of third parties (for example a group of people), he has to verify that each of them complies with the conditions defined by the Supplier and is informed of these conditions but also of the other conditions, requirements, and restrictions defined by the Supplier and accept them.

Mentor Motivations does not warranty the quality of the Service performed by the Supplier.

Any transaction the Client enters into with a Supplier is strictly between these and Mentor Motivations is not a party to that transaction.

Any dispute the Client has with a Supplier is between these parties, and Mentor Motivations and our affiliates will not be a party to that dispute, except regarding your use of the Web site.

Mentor Motivations cannot and will not guarantee any Service Provider’s identity nor their capabilities. Mentor Motivations cannot guarantee that information published by or about Suppliers in the Web site is accurate. The Client should use the Web site as a starting point for identifying Suppliers to provide the Services needed for the event, then conduct his own research to ensure that the Suppliers chosen are appropriate for him.

Notwithstanding the foregoing and for the purposes of fraud prevention, subject to applicable legislation, Mentor Motivations may be required to (i) ask users to provide official identification or other information or to be submitted to other control procedures in order to verify their identity and background (ii) consult third-party databases or other sources of information in order to verify whether users are included and to request reports to service providers.

Mentor Motivations is not responsible for assisting the Supplier in reaching an agreement with the Client nor is it responsible for assisting the Supplier in providing the Services to the Client. Suppliers are the only entities liable for fulfilling any legal requirements applicable their professional activity. Mentor Motivations is not responsible for ensuring that Suppliers are appropriately licensed.


In case the Web site Users violate this Agreement or the Terms of Use or if Mentor Motivations has reasons to believe that it is necessary in order to protect its safety, integrity, one of its Users or third parties for fraud prevention purposes or investigation, Mentor Motivations reserves the right to:

  1. Prevent the publication or delete any message, advertisement, booking request, or any content published by the offending user;
  2. Restrict access and use of the Web site to the offending User;
  3. Temporarily or permanently suspend the offending User’s account.

The terms of payment are determined by Mentor Motivations, at its sole discretion. The payment will be transmitted through a:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card

The payments have to be accepted and approved by the financial institution providing the credit or debit card. You have to be the legally authorized person to use the credit or debit card which will be maintained (use) for tracking purposes.


The availability of certain Services may be limited. Mentor Motivations may modify or withdraw Services at any time without notice. If a Service ordered is not available or no longer available, Mentor Motivations will notify you by email and your order will be automatically cancelled. The availability of Services does not in any way bind the responsibility of Mentor Motivations.


Mentor Motivations shall not be used by minors. Mentor Motivations may present advertisements of Services developed for minors but these Services shall be booked and bought by adults. Minor Users can only use the Website under the supervision of a parent or a guardian.


Accounts cannot be sold, rented or transferred to anyone than the Supplier’s staff. Mentor Motivations retains ownership of the accounts.


Given the nature of the Services, Mentor Motivations does not provide any return or exchange policy. Mentor Motivations won’t refund any Client or Provider.

Mentor Motivations is not liable for any damages or additional charges related to incomplete, bad or unsatisfactory service from the Providers and Mentor Motivations will not refund the Client in such cases.

Such situations have to be settled according to the general sales terms and conditions of the Supplier.

In case the Service performed by the Provider is not properly done or turns out to be defective because of Mentor Motivations’s responsibility, Mentor Motivations undertakes to refund the Client for the fees solely collected by Mentor Motivations.

Mentor Motivations is not responsible (liable) for any damages or additional charges related to incomplete, bad or unsatisfactory service from the providers.

For any questions regarding this present Agreement, please send an e-mail at the following address:



The hereby Web site and its server are both situated (located) in the province of Quebec, Canada. The hereby Agreement has to be interpreted according to the laws applicable in Quebec.

The hereby Agreement is considered to be a distance sale contract subject to the law applicable in Quebec, without regard to the conflicts of law principles thereof.

The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded as well as all other international sale agreements and conventions.


(Non-applicable to Users from Quebec.) Except as otherwise provided in these Terms of Use, any dispute or claim relating in any way to your use of the Web site or to any Service performed by the Supplier will be resolved by binding arbitration rather than by a court.

(Applicable to Users from Quebec.) Any litigation that may arise between Mentor Motivations and its Users will be submitted to the appropriate courts in the District of Montreal.


Some topics are included in the hereby Agreement in order to facilitate the consultation and have no incidence on the interpretation of the Agreement. The hereby Agreement is interpreted by the dispositions in the Quebec Civil Code.


You cannot transfer your rights or/ and obligations in regard to the hereby Agreement without the written authorization (consent) of Mentor Motivations or the Providers.


The parties are legally bound by the hereby Agreement and acknowledge their reciprocal rights and obligations.


The hereby Agreement is interpreted by the rules of the Quebec Civil Code. The clauses are interpreted in the light of other clauses in the hereby Agreement by giving the general meaning used in the hereby Agreement. 


If a problem of definition or interpretation arises between the English and French versions of this General sales terms and conditions, the French version shall prevail.


The hereby Agreement, the other Policies, the terms and conditions included by referral or by specific indications, constitute the entire (totality of the) Agreement between you and Mentor Motivations relative to the sale, the use of the Web site and the transactions on the Web site . The hereby documents replace all previous agreements and conventions (electronic, verbal or written) concerning the hereby object and they can only be modified by following the rules of the Agreement.


If a problem of definition or interpretation arises between the English and French versions of this Policy, the French version shall prevail.


Mentor Motivations’s failure or neglect to enforce any rights of the hereby Agreement is not deemed to be a wavier of its rights. The failure of Mentor Motivations at any time to require performance of any provision or to resort to any remedy provided under the hereby Agreement shall in no way affect the right of Mentor Motivations to require performance or to resort to a remedy at any time thereafter, nor shall the waiver by any party of a breach be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the terms and conditions as provided in the entire Agreement and I am bound by this entire Agreement WITHOUT ANY RESERVATION

FOR QUEBEC RESIDENTS: To the dispositions of the present Agreement must be added those included in the Consumer Protection Act.

All of these provisions are exclusive and replace all other provisions, conditions and remedies.

This Convention grants you specific rights; you may also have other rights which can vary according your province.

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